Giving Thanks

It has been a busy past few months for Vif, including the arrival of a second honourary quartet member (AKA new baby), with another one on the way! This Thanksgiving weekend, we are pausing to give thanks for family, friends, the opportunity to make music with each other and share it with others. It is always so neat to see the ways that music is meaningful in different people’s lives. I remember playing at a wedding a few seasons ago where the bride requested a particular song that her father always used to play on the piano at home when she was growing up. As soon as the song started playing in the wedding, the father’s surprise and delight was so obvious, and it was such a meaningful gesture to include it. This past summer, at another wedding, the brother of the bride, who is a composer, wrote some string quartet arrangements of his sister’s favourite pop songs for us to play at the ceremony. What a unique wedding present! Music truly is a gift to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving from Vif!

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