Klezmer Quartet

Recently, Vif had the opportunity to perform for the Jewish National Fund of Canada here in Edmonton. It was a lovely soirée, with a few items of business, but mostly full of delicious food, music, and celebration. When JNF first contacted us in the summer, asking if we knew any Jewish klezmer music, I admitted that we didn’t, but realized that it was the perfect time to get some sheet music and start learning! After consulting their executive director, we ordered music for Dodi Li, Erev Shel Shoshanim, Jerusalem of Gold, Hevenu Shalom Alechem/ Siman Tov, Nigun Atik, a Jewish wedding dance, and a few klezmer dances. On the evening of the event, we played these infectiously fun selections alternating with classical pieces. As a side note, I was also looking forward to performing in a house, where chamber music was originally meant to be performed. In this intimate environment, you can sense and feed off of the audience’s energy as you play. There was certainly no lack of energy on this particular evening, as the listeners assisted with our pronunciation of the various Hebrew titles, and sang and clapped along with the familiar Jewish melodies. As a performer, this is one of the best feelings – knowing that you are sharing the joy of music with others. Truly an evening to remember.

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