Wedding Essentials 101

Well, we’re in the middle of wedding season, and I’m being reminded once again of the importance of coming armed & prepared! Here’s my list of essentials to bring to weddings (along with my instrument, of course!).

1. Heavy duty music stand. To withstand potential wind and not blow away during outdoor ceremonies.

2. Clothes pegs/ paper clips. To keep music in place in the event of afore-mentioned wind)

3. Pencil. To mark any last-minute changes or new cues to watch for from the officiant.

4. Dress in layers. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor venue, you never know how much or little the sun and/or air conditioning will or will not be giving full power.

5. Flexibility and sense of humour. Even the most well-organized wedding can have a hiccup or two, so keeping an eye out to perhaps notice if the pen to sign of the register is missing, or if the unity candles are taking an extra minute to light, and continuing to serenely play music to keep the flow is, to me, a wedding essential.

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