A Truly ‘Thrilling’ Wedding

Recently, our quartet played at a wedding ceremony… with a twist. When the bride let me know she wanted us to play Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” during the bridal party’s entrance, and Guns n Roses “Sweet Child of Mine” during her entrance, I got the feeling this would be a wedding to remember. On the big day, after we finished up the prelude music (Beatles, Van Morrision, and other popular tunes, as requested), I’ll admit I was a little nervous to begin “Thriller”. What would the guests think? Would it seem awkward? Nevertheless, we went for it and started the first chords. After a few measures, I saw the groom and groomsmen out of the corner of my eye… walking in like zombies! Once they were in place, the bridesmaids were next. Sure enough, they danced their way down the aisle in excellent Michael Jackson style. I thought it was fantastic, and much to my relief, so did the guests – they were cheering the whole time. Let’s just say that the bride put her personal stamp on the classic bride processional with “Sweet Child of Mine”, and that it was a wonderful wedding that I will never forget. To the newlyweds – congrats and kudos for celebrating in your own way!

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